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The Sega Master System, also known as the SG-1000 was released in 1985 in Japan and in 1986 in the United States.  Original made to rival the Nintendo NES; the Sega Master System failed to make a huge impact in the US Gaming market.


During the dominance of the Nintendo NES, third party companies that made games for the NES were not allowed to make games for their competitors, including the Sega Master System. Due to the control over third party companies, Sega started to sell the Sega Master system in countries that Nintendo did not sell their system in, leaving Sega to do well in countries such as Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and a wildly successful market in Brazil.


One of the most inventive and unique accessories for Video Games was released for the Sega Master System, the Sega Scope 3D Glasses.  The Sega Scope 3D Glasses used a shutter system to close the left and right lens to create a 3D effect and connected directly to the Sega Master System card port.


While the Master System was not as successful in the US as it was in other countries, it did have it share of great games such as: Phantasy Star, Wonderboy, the Alex Kidd series, Spellcaster, Golvellius, Strider, Psycho Fox and Ghouls & Ghosts. A large amount a great games where never released in the US such as: Ultima 4, Star Wars, Gauntlet, Micro Machines, Bubble Bobble, Forgotten Worlds, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and even a port of Street Fighter 2.

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  Where Carmen Sandiego SMS
  Great Baseball SMS
  Sega Master System SMS
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  Choplifter SMS
  Cloud Master SMS
  Ghostbusters SMS
  RC Grand Prix SMS
  Double Dragon SMS
  Fantasy Zone The Maze SMS
  Gangster Town SMS
  Global Defense SMS
  Out Run SMS
  Game Gear Sega Master Converter (3rd Party) SMS
  Ghost House SMS
  Hang On Safari Hunt SMS
  Monopoly SMS
  Pro Wrestling SMS
  Space Harrier SMS
  Missile Defense 3D SMS
  Wonder Boy 2 Monster Land SMS
  Zillion 2 SMS
  Altered Beast SMS
  Walter Payton Football SMS
  Aztec Adventure SMS
  Enduro Racer SMS
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