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Sega Genesis Starter Pack
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Sega Genesis Basic Set
Genesis - $37.95 (Used)
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    Sega’s third console, the Sega Genesis, released in North America in 1989. Bundled with Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega finally wrestled away Nintendo’s stranglehold on the home console market. Sonic the Hedgehog was the first title released in the Sonic series and soon became Sega’s mascot.With games like Streets of Rage, Toe Jam & Earl , Golden Axe, Vector Man, and Phantasy Star, Sega had no shortage of amazing games available for the Genesis.

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      Sega Genesis Model 2 SG
      Doom-32X SG
      Genesis 6 Pak SG
      Toy Story SG
      Tecmo Super Baseball SG
      Desert Strike SG
      Altered Beast SG
      Quackshot SG
      Vectorman 2 SG
      X Men SG
      Disney Aladdin SG
      Sonic SG
      Streets of Rage 2 SG
      Super Street Fighter 2 SG
      Vectorman SG
      Final Zone SG
      Greatest Heavyweights SG
      Mortal Kombat SG
      Mortal Kombat 2 SG
      NHL 97 SG
      Urban Strike SG
      Lion King SG
      NBA Action 94 SG
      NFL Football 94 SG
      NHL 94 SG
      NHL 95 SG
      NHLPA Hockey 93 SG
      PGA Tour Golf 96 SG
      RBI Baseball 93 SG
      World Leaderboard Golf SG
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