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Released in 1993 by Panasonic, Sanyo and Goldstar and conceived by EA Games founder Trip Hawkins, the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system has the most cutting-edge technology at the time of its release.


The internals of the systems included a 32-bit RISC CPU, two custom video co-processors, 2 MB of DRAM, 1 MB of VRAM, and 2x CD Drive. This allowed the 3DO to play Audio CDs, CD+G, Photo CDs, and Video CDs with an add on MPEG Video Card along with the 3DO Games.


The 3DO supported up to 8 controllers which where daisy-chained from the first player controller.


3DO has major support from Electronic Arts, Studio 3DO and Crystal Dynamics which lead to the 3DO best and most widely received games such as: Alone in the Dark, Myst, Out of This World, and Star Control II. A port of Street Fighter II Turbo was also released for the 3DO, which exceeded the original with its CD quality sound.


Arguably the greatest and most popular 3DO exclusive was Return Fire, an advance tank/capture the flag game that was ported to the Playstation, Sega Saturn, and Microsoft Windows.

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  Crash N Burn 3DO 3DO
  Pebble Beach Golf 3DO 3DO
  Road Rash 3DO 3DO
  Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo 3DO 3DO
  Way of the Warrior 3DO 3DO
  Total Eclipse 3DO 3DO
  3DO FZ-1 System 3DO
  NES RF Switch Nintendo 3DO
  3DO Gun 3DO
  3DO Flightstick Pro 3DO 3DO
  3DO Controller (3rd Party) 3DO
  3DO Controller Panasonic 3DO
  3DO FZ-10 System 3DO
  Alone in Dark 3DO 3DO
  Cyberia 3DO 3DO
  Family Feud 3DO 3DO
  Foes of Ali 3DO 3DO
  Love Bites 3DO
  Shanghai Triple Threat 3DO
  Stellar 7 3DO 3DO
  20th Century Almanac 3DO 3DO
  FIFA International Soccer 3DO 3DO
  Immercenary 3DO 3DO
  Incredible Machine 3DO 3DO
  Psychic Detective 3DO (3 Discs) 3DO
  Shockwave 3DO 3DO
  Blade Force 3DO 3DO
  Killing Time 3DO 3DO
  Return Fire 3DO 3DO
  Star Control 2 3DO 3DO
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