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WHISTLER Pro 400-Watt Power Inverter

WHISTLER Pro 400-Watt Power Inverter

Publisher: Whistler
Platform: Multi-Platform
Category: Accessory
List Price:$79.95
E (Everyone)

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WHISTLER Pro 400-Watt Power Inverter

Converts vehicle's 12V DC to 110/120V AC household power. Compatible with all video game consoles including PS3, Xbox 360, nintendo Wii, Playstation 2, XBox, GameCube, Playstation & Dreamcast.

  • Converts 12V DC to 110V AC
  • Plugs into cigarette lighter socket
  • 400W continuous, 800W peak power
  • 2 AC outlets & 1 USB port
  • Smart surge control Voltage, Overload & Short-circuit protection
  • Thermal cutoff
  • Cooling fan


It is important to use only the products that draw less power than the rating of the power inverter. Using products that exceed the power rating may either cause the protection circuitry of the power inverter to shut down or the fuse to blow.

Important: The smaller power inverters may not operate some appliances designed to produce heat such as hair dryers, heaters, toasters and coffee makers. User should always check the power rating before using these kinds of products to be sure they do not exceed the power capability of the inverter.

HOW TO CALCULATE USAGE: Most products have a wattage rating on them. Others may be marked with the current draw, such as .9 amps. To convert the current to watts, multiply the current by 115. (Example .9 amps x 115=104 watts)


Cellular Phone Charger
20 Watts
30 Watts
Nintendo Gamecube
39 Watts
45 Watts
Soldering Iron
45 Watts
Nintendo Wii
53 Watts
Laptop Computer
70 Watts
Sony Playstation 2
79 Watts
19" TV
95 Watts
100-Watt Working Light
100 Watts
Small Stereo System
120 Watts
3/8" Drill
500 Watts
Toaster/Toaster Oven
850 Watts
Small Microwave Oven
1,100 Watts
Hair Dryer
1,200 Watts

BATTERY LIFE - Important: The power inverter can draw lots of amps from a vehicle’s battery. User should operate their vehicle occasionally to maintain the charge in the battery.

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