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Intellivision System III - Refurbished  (Intellivision)

Release Date: 01/01/1976


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Intellivision System III - Refurbished



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Intellivision System III- Refurbished (Intellivision)

Product Bundle Features

Grade A refurbished Intellivision system includes:

  • 1 Refurbished Intellivision System III (Grade A)

What Does "Grade A" Mean?

Grade A Refurbished Intellivision System III Consoles meet the following conditions:

  • Intellivision System III console and controller are in "Good" to "Excellent" cosmetic condition.
  • Intellivision System III set passed our proprietary 18-point quality assurance testing.

Quality Assurance Testing

All Refurbished Intellivision System III Consoles are required to meet or exceed the high performance standards with our proprietary 18-Point check system which includes:

  • Inspection for any cosmetic damages on unit, controller & cables
  • Functional Testing on unit, controller & cables
  • Performance Testing on controller

Intellivision System III consoles are refurbished, cleaned and carefully packaged to meet your quality expectations. All refurbished systems come with a 90 day warranty.

Also known as the INTV System III or the Intellivision Super Pro System, this console was not created by Mattel, but by the INTV Corporation in 1985.

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