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Game Gear Rechargeable Battery Pack  (SEGA Game Gear)

Release Date: 01/01/1991

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Game Gear Rechargeable Battery Pack
SEGA Game Gear



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Requires a Game Gear or Sega Genesis II AC adapter to recharge.


Game Gear Rechargeable Battery Pack by Sega

Rechargeable Battery Pack for Sega Game Gear Handheld system by Sega. This battery pack is equipped with a clip used to hang it off of your belt, and a cable that runs from it to the Game Gear.

How to recharge the Battery Pack-Instruction

1. Switch the Battery Pack OFF.
2. Plug the AC or Car Adapter into the Battery Pack
3. Plug the AC or Car Adapter into its power source.
4. Switch the Battery Pack ON.
5. After the 8th hour of continuous of charging, the charge light will turn off.
6. Switch the Battery Pack OFF.

Due to discharge of the Battery Pack, the charge light may not illuminate for a long time after the beginning of recharging. However, there is nothing wrong with the Battery Pack, and it will recharge correctly even if the charge light is not on. The Battery Pack can be fully charged and discharged about 300 times under nomal circumstances. To insure the longest number of possible recharges for the Battery Pack, make sure its power has completely run out before recharging it.

  • Batteries can charge while playing.
  • Input: 9V, 0.8A
  • Output: 7.2V, 1.2Ah

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