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PlayStation 4 Slim Model CUH-22XX Repairs: Power Supply Replacement Service  (Repairs)

Release Date: 05/28/2019

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PlayStation 4 Slim Model CUH-22XX Repairs: Power Supply Replacement Service
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Usually ships within 3-4 days

Price: $99.95


Important: This repair only covers PlayStation 4 Slim consoles with a model number of CUH-22XX

To check which PlayStation 4 Slim model you have, look at the back of the system above the HDMI and Auxiliary ports. The PlayStation 4 Slim model number will look like this: "CUH-XXXX" ("XXXX" being a number like 2215).


PlayStation 4 Slim Model CUH-22XX Repairs: Power Supply Replacement Service

Get your PlayStation 4 Slim's Power Supply repaired at eStarland. From our expertise in gaming console repairs since 1991, we understand your needs and the care you deserve during the entire process of repairs. All PlayStation 4 Slim repairs come with a 90 Day Warranty on Parts and Workmanship.

Common Issues

  • PlayStation 4 Slim system will not power on
  • PlayStation 4 Slim power turns on and off at random

Service Included

Dangerously Low Prices! Compare and Save a lot on PlayStation 4 Slim Power Supply Repairs.
  • Replacement of the power supply in your PlayStation 4 Slim system (Model CUH-22XX)
  • 90 Day warranty: Parts and Workmanship
  • Fast turn-around service: See below for additional information
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

What you need to provide us

  • PlayStation 4 Slim Model CUH-22XX system (Unit Only)

Walk-in Customers

    Your PlayStation 4 Slim Power Supply Replacement service will be performed while you wait. If you are in the area of DC, Maryland and Northern VA, we welcome you to stop by.

    Directions to our location.

    Average time required: 45 mins.

Mail-in Customers

    PlayStation 4 Slim Power Supply repair will be completed and shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

    After purchasing PlayStation 4 Slim Model CUH-22XX Repairs: Power Supply Replacement Service, include your order number with your system.

    Mail your PlayStation 4 Slim to the following address:
    ATTN: Repairs
    14225 Sullyfield Cir. Suite C
    Chantilly, VA 20151

    Click here for tips on how to package and ship your PlayStation 4 Slim console for repair.

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