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PlayStation 2 Component Video Cable with RCA Audio by Monster  (PlayStation 2) Trade Bonus

Release Date: 10/02/2001


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PlayStation 2 Component Video Cable with RCA Audio by Monster
PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Monster Cables
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: PlayStation 2



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Price: $9.50

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PlayStation 2 Component Video Cable with RCA Audio by Monster

GameLink 400 delivers the Most Realistic 3D Game Graphics and DVD Picture Possible. Component video is the most advanced, highest quality connection available, because it transmits the picture from your PS2 to your TV in its purest form, through three separate cables. This avoids multiple stages of modulation. What you'll see is DVD movie picture quality and game graphics that are incredibly detailed, crisper and sharper, with the most vivid, rich color possible.

Monster's Advanced Technologies Outperform Ordinary Component Video and Audio Cables. To maximize video strength and maintain precise 75-ohm impedance, nitrogen gas is injected into the dielectric insulator, creating uniform, microscopic cells. This allows the conductor to rest in the exact center of the cable, even when the cable is bent, for the sharpest picture possible. Monster's patented audio technologies maximize the full sonic performance of your PS2. DoubleHelix construction and Bandwidth Balanced multiple gauge wire networks combine to reject interference and deliver accurate reproduction of dialogue, sound effects, and music.

Maximize Your Gaming and Movie Investment. If you're like most gamers, you'll spend hundreds of dollars on games and movies. So, get the very best picture and sound possible with Monster Game.

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