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What is DropZone?

Save a Trip & Play More!

eStarland has partnered with select retailers to allow you to drop off your trade-ins at your neighborhood store!

Why DropZone?

Best Trade in Values on the Planet!

We accept 5x more items than Gamestop!

No surprises. Real-time Price Quotes provided!

7 Convenient Drop-off Locations and Growing!

How does it Work?

Place your trade-in order online at Click here for instructions.

Put your order in a box, write your order number on top, and seal it up.

Drop off your sealed box at the closest DropZone location.

We will take the utmost care of your trade-in order and ensure speedy processing. As always, you will be awarded the BEST TRADE-IN VALUES ON THE PLANET to your order.


Q:  How long does it take for my trade-in to be processed if I use DropZone?

A:  eStarland strives for a 24-hour turnaround on DropZone trade-ins. Plus, you will receive email notifications on every processing step.

Q: Why should I use DropZone instead of going to the showroom?

A1:  Save time and money while enjoying the same value and quality service we offer. You are a busy person, and DropZone gives you more options! Drop off your items at a local retailer and we handle the rest! No hassle, no fuss!

A2: Don’t settle for pennies for your games! Take advantage of THE BEST TRADE IN VALUES ON THE PLANET and right in your backyard. DropZone provides an easy, hassle free, process to drop off your trade-ins. There is no catch and no hidden fees.

Q: Do I get the same amount of trade-in credit if I use DropZone?

A: Absolutely! eStarland has always given the BEST TRADE IN VALUES ON THE PLANET. There are no hidden fees or reduced credit for using our DropZone program!

Q:  What if I change my mind and want my items back after they have already been given to a DropZone retailer?

A: Contact our customer support department before your order is processed.  Once the order has been processed we are unable to return items.

Q:  What happens if items in my Trade-in are rejected?

A:DropZone trade-ins are treated similarly to trade-ins dropped off at our store! If items are rejected, a member of our team will contact you with more information.

Q: What about the products not found on the web?

A: There are times when even our MASSIVE inventory doesn’t have a specific item. Contact our Customer Support Center for assistance with this item.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about DropZone?
Email or call our Customer Support center.

Interested in a business opportunity to be an authorized DropZone retailer?
Contact us today by emailing

Click here for a detailed list of locations!

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