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Welcome> PlayStation

Sony PlayStation - wherever. whenever. forever.

PS1 consoles

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Best Trade-In Values on the Planet at PlayStation Memory Cards PlayStation Controllers  
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    Released first in Japan in late 1994, the PlayStation was Sony’s first home video game console. It was quite different in that, the PlayStation when first launched, was geared towards non-traditional gamers. Sony saw that both, Nintendo and Sega had a virtually monopoly on younger gamers and actively ignored what was considered the primary market for video games, children and teens, instead focusing on a group that was largely ignored at the time, adults. This proved quite successful as the system went on to sell over 100,000 units within its first week of release in the United States.

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      Final Fantasy 7 (3 Discs) PS
      Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS
      Street Fighter Alpha 3 PS
      Tony Hawks Pro Skater PS
      Castlevania Symphony of Night PS
      PS Controller (Sony) PS
      Sony PS System PS
      Crash Bash PS
      X Men Mutant Academy PS
      Need for Speed 2 PS
      Rage Racer PS
      Reloaded PS
      Soul Blade PS
      Test Drive 4 PS
      Tetris Plus PS
      Final Fantasy 9 (4 Discs) PS
      PS Memory Card (Sony) PS
      Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Collectors Ed PS
      Lunar Silver Star Story Complete CE PS
      Mega Man Legends PS
      Tomb Raider 3 PS
      Irritating Stick PS
      Grand Tour Racing 98 PS
      Driver PS
      Command & Conquer Retaliation (2 Discs) PS
      DarkStalkers PS
      Croc PS
      PS Dual Shock Pad (Sony) PS
      Sony PS w/ Dual Shock PS
      Ape Escape PS
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