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Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps
Join the corps! Umbrella Corps brings a competitive experience featuring new types of strategy and technique blended with elements from the world of Biohazard, to create a unique kind of shooter!
PS4 - $44.95 $59.99 (New) Imported Item
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Kid Icarus: Uprising with 3DS Stand World Edition
3DS - $39.95 (New) Imported Item

Chain Chronicle V
PSVita - $47.95 (New) Imported Item
Saint Seiya: Soldier's Soul
PS4 - $44.95 (New) Imported Item
Valentino Rossi
PS4 - $37.95 $49.99 (New) Imported Item
Adams Venture Origins
PS4 - $19.95 $49.99 (New) Imported Item
Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection
PS4 - $39.95 (New) Imported Item
Earth Defense Forces PORTABLE V2
PSVita - $34.95 (New) Imported Item
Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin III Pride of Justice
PS3 - $37.95 $69.99 (New) Imported Item
PSVita - $29.95 $39.99 (New) Imported Item
Sangoku Hime 2: Tengehatou Shishi no Keishousha
PSVita - $67.95 (New) Imported Item

Just In
  Frame Arms Gourai Type 10 Ver Plastic Kit Anime
  DC Comics Wonder Girl 9" Bishoujo Statue Anime
  Marvel Comics Amazing Spider Man 1/10 Statue Anime
  Mega Man Figuarts Zero Statue Anime
  Sailor Moon Petit Chara Chibi Usagi Yukata Version 2" Fig Anime
  Sailor Moon Petit Chara Tsukino Usagi Yukata Version 2" Fig Anime
  Sengoku Taisen Princess Iroha Statue Anime
  LEGO Star Wars C3PO LED Keychain Anime
  LEGO Star Wars R2D2 LED Keychain Anime
  Tales of Zestiria Edna 8" PVC Fig Anime
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Coming Soon
  Hatsune Miku Racing 2016 Ver Nendoroid Anime
  Marvel Female Thor 12" Bishoujo Statue Anime
  Metroid Other M Samus Aran Zero Suit AF Anime
  Metroid Prime Samus Varia Suit 1/4 Statue Anime
  One Punch Man Genos Nendoroid Anime
  One Punch Man Saitama PVC Fig Anime
  Racing Miku 1/8 Figure 2016 Ver Anime
  Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Fumi Kanno 1/8 Figure Anime
  Street Fighter III 3RD Strike Ryu 1/8 PVC Figure Anime
  Cardcaptor Sakura Kinomoto Nendoroid Anime
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