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Preowned Merchandise
Preowned Merchandise Guarantee

eStarland offers a wide selection of pre-owned videogames, DVDs, and hardware that are competitively priced and in great condition. All eStarland pre-owned merchandise is cleaned and tested by our trained technicians and are guaranteed for 90 days, unless specified otherwise.

How does the 90 day guarantee work?

If you purchase pre-owned merchandise and you find any problems with it, we will fix or replace the merchandise at no cost to you, and refund your shipping costs for sending it back to us. Shipping costs will be refunded to the buyer’s eStarland account. If you receive merchandise that is defective, please Contact Us and we will do our best to help you. Please note that you must obtain a Return Authorization Number before merchandise can be returned to eStarland. Please note that eStarland cannot assume responsibility for items that have been damaged in transit or through misuse and abuse by customers.

Realtime Price Quoting

What do you mean by realtime pricing?

eStarland deals in new and used videogame merchandise, which is a highly fluid market. Prices are subject to change on short notice due to a variety of factors, including supply and demand and distributor availability. Our stock is constantly monitored, and prices can change in as little time as a second.

Pricing and Availability


In order to offer fair prices for our used stock, we consider many factors. We examine the condition of the cartridge or disc and assess how much of the original packaging and included materials (such as instruction manuals) are present. We make sure that our customers get an exact description of all our used titles and that they are priced according to their condition. eStarland cleans and tests all used merchandise and guarantees it for 90 days after purchase. Game price is also dependant on supply and demand and is calculated in realtime.

Item Conditions

eStarland offers quality pre-owned merchandise, but it’s important to note that someone had it before you did, so there may be some minor flaws (faded labels, missing instructions, etc.). All merchandise is cleaned and tested and is guaranteed for 90 days. Downloadable content, or DLC, is not guaranteed. The merchandise may not be perfect, but it will be in excellent condition.

Preowned Hardware

In addition to offering games and DVDs, eStarland also sells pre-owned video game consoles, controllers, accessories, and other related merchandise. All of these systems have been refurbished to meet our exacting specifications. Like our games and DVDs, all hardware has been cleaned and tested by our technicians and is guaranteed for 90 days after purchase. Please note that used handheld systems do not come with batteries.

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