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Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Virtual Boy
Category: Games
Virtual Boy
E (Everyone)

Condition: Used - complete
Usually ships within 24 hours

Golf (Virtual Boy)

Tee off for 18 holes of realistic 3D links! Virtal Boy Golf elevates the game to an incredible new level!

Determine your strategy as you ponder the conditions. Check your position and the distance to the pin. Select a club and adjust your swing. Consider the wind factor carfully or you could end up out of bounds! Each dimensional fairway provides harrowing hazards to challenge players of all handicaps. Swing into action and go for a hole in one!

Buy Used Virtual Boy Games and Accessories
A pre-owned game, accessories or used system that is in just "working condition" is not good enough to meet our standards. All used games and pre-owned systems at pass through eStarland's rigorous quality tests. All used video games and systems are cleaned, tested and shrink-wrapped by our trained technician to meet our strict quality requirements. All used items have a 90-day warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sell Used Virtual Boy Games and Accessories
To help us provide quality used video games and pre-owned systems please inspect your trade-ins prior to placing a trade-in based on the following criteria:

We cannot accept the following:

  • Any items in poor or non-working condition
  • Discs with visible scratches
  • Games with damaged or missing labels
  • Games with labels or stickers, such as rental games
  • Cables with visible damage
  • Controllers with visible damage or unresponsive buttons
  • Modified systems and accessories, including cosmetic and firmware modifications
  • Items with no trade-in option available (Requires prior authorization.)
  • Trade-ins that are in poor condition, including dirty, stained, marked/written on cartridges, scratched, cracked, or chipped titles
Trade-ins that do not meet our quality standards will be rejected and discarded.

What does "Complete" mean?
The buy and sell value of Golf (Virtual Boy) is based on how "complete" it is. When in the "complete" condition this used Virtual Boy game includes:

  • Original Box
  • Original Manual
  • Game Cartridge

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alternative products
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