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Welcome> SEGA Saturn> Fighting> Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butouden

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butouden

Publisher: BANDAI
Platform: SEGA Saturn
Category: Imported
SEGA Saturn
E (Everyone)

$13.97 - $27.95
Notify me when become available
Usually ships within 24 hours

  • Not compatible with US Saturn system

  • Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butouden

    Dragonball Z for the Sega Saturn is a two dimensional fighting game that allows the characters to travel great distances from each other by way of a split screen. Like the Genesis and Super Nintendo versions of the Dragonball games, the split screen allows each side to scroll independently. There is also the ability to fight on two different planes. By using the float/land button your character is able to jump up into the sky and fight from a hovering position, or land and fight from the ground. The screen will automatically split when the two characters are on different planes from one another. The Saturn version is not semi three dimensional like the Playstation, however each character has the ability to knock their opponent, or move themselves into the background. When this happens the screen's background will rotate 90 degrees. This will cause a different background picture. Some backgrounds have upwards of three sections that you can rotate four times each before seeing the same background picture. That makes for some stages with twelve different background pictures. You fight single round matches, but your character can have upwards of three health bars worth of life. Your character also has a power meter which you can charge up at any time during the match. The power is used for the energy attacks in the game. The bigger the attack, the more power you need to have. Because of the area in which you can go in the matches, there is no time limit. There are twenty seven different fighters to choose from in any of the versus modes, twenty two in the one player game.

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    What does "Complete" mean?
    The buy and sell value of Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butouden (Sega Saturn) is based on how "complete" it is. When in the "complete" condition this used Sega Saturn game includes:

    • Original Box
    • Original Manual
    • Game Disc

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