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Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim 320GB Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition Bundle
List Price: $449.99
Xbox 360
Rating: T (Teen)
Preowned - Usually ships within 24 hours
 Used - no bundled game(s)
 Used - no bundled game(s), no manual, no network cable, no retail packaging / box

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  NBA All Star Challenge SG
  NFL Quarterback Club SG
  Joe Montana Sports Talk Football '93 SG
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  Nintendo 3DS XL (Blue/Black) 3DS
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  PS3 DualShock 3 Controller Black (Sony) PS3
  Sony PS3 Slim 120GB System PS3
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  PS3 Wireless Keypad PS3
  GC Extension Cable GC
  NES Controller Nintendo NES
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  NES Zapper Gun Nintendo NES
  Wii U Nunchuk Nintendo (Black) WiiU
  Wii U Nunchuk Nintendo (White) WiiU
  PS2 Memory Card Black Sony PS2
  PS2 Memory Card Blue Sony PS2
  Wii Wheel White (Nintendo) Wii
  ATV/Monster Truck Mayhem NDS
  Disney Fairies Tinkerbell NDS
  Tinkerbell Lost Treasure NDS
  Formula One 2009 Wii
  Imagine Fashion Designer New York NDS
  Jurassic Park Lost World PS
  Lets Ride Friends Forever NDS
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