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The Nintendo Game Boy Color was released in 1998 as the successor of the Game Boy. It had a slightly larger screen and was smaller than the original Game Boy. Even though the Game Boy Color was a brand new system, it still was able to play original Game Boy games and even added limited colors.


Nintendo released two different types of cartridges for the Game Boy Color system, clear plastic cases with a raised bump which would work on the Game Boy Color and a black cartridge with a notch which worked on the original Game Boy, Super Game Boy and Game Boy Color.


The Nintendo Game Boy Color had a high number of popular and exclusive games such as the Pokemon Series, Tetris DX, Bomberman, Harvest Moon, Mario Golf and Mario Tennis, but Nintendo also ported Nintendo NES Games to the Game Boy such as: Crystalis, Dragon Warrior I, II and III, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Shadowgate and Super Mario Bros.


By the end of the Game Boy Color's lifespan, the system had over 450 games released for it, not including over 500 games which where released for the original Game Boy that also worked on the Game Boy Color. By 2001, the system sold over 110 million units only to be replaced by the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

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  Castlevania Adventure GBC
  Pokemon Blue GBC
  Super Mario Land GBC
  Tetris GBC
  Wario Land GBC
  Solar Striker GBC
  Austin Powers Welcome/Lair (GBC) GBC
  Bonks Adventure GBC
  Pokemon Red GBC
  Powerpuff Paint Green (GBC) GBC
  GC Game Boy Player Nintendo GBC
  Tiny Toons Babs Big Break GBC
  Blades of Steel GBC
  Sports Illust. Football & Baseball GBC
  Final Fantasy Legend 3 GBC
  Zelda Oracle of Seasons (GBC) GBC
  Nintendo GBC Berry GBC
  Bo Jacksons Hit & Run GBC
  Hatris GBC
  NBA All-Star Challenge GBC
  Castlevania 2 GBC
  Donkey Kong GBC
  Hamtaro (GBC) GBC
  Zelda Oracle of Ages (GBC) GBC
  Lock N Chase GBC
  Nintendo Power V124 Jet Force Gemini GBC
  Zelda Links Awakening DX GBC
  Nintendo GBC Clear/Purple GBC
  Spiderman (GBC) GBC
  Alleyway GBC
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