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Microsoft Xbox

Up until 2000 there was a large distinction between console games and PC games, but with the upcoming release of the PlayStation 2 that line became blurred and Microsoft feared gamers would be drawn to the new console and away from PC gaming. To counter this a team at Microsoft began work on a DirectX based game console dubbed the “DirectX Box” and on November 15th, 2001 the Xbox was released.

The Xbox’s launch line-up consisted of 12 titles, including one of the best selling games ever, Halo: Combat Evolved. Some other popular launch titles were Dead or Alive 3 and Project Gotham Racing. Later in its life the Xbox would see hits such as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Ninja Gaiden, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In late 2002 Microsoft launched their Xbox Live online service, along with flagship online titles such as MechAssault and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.

A total of 968 games have been released for the Xbox, including such best selling titles as:

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The successor to the Xbox, the Xbox 360, was released in November of 2005, however Microsoft continued production of the original Xbox until early 2007. Even after the system was discontinued third party publisher support continued until August 12th, 2008, when Madden NFL 09 was released as the final game on the system. An estimated 24 million Xbox consoles have been sold worldwide. offers 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on used Xbox video games & hardware

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  Halo Combat Evolved XBox
  Black XBox
  Conflict Global Terror XBox
  Crimson Skies High Road/Revenge XBox
  Fable XBox
  Full Spectrum Warrior Ten Hammers XBox
  Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup XBox
  Hitman Blood Money XBox
  Xbox Basic Package XBox
  Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 XBox
  Need for Speed Underground 2 XBox
  Prince of Persia Sands of Time XBox
  Spiderman XBox
  Splinter Cell Chaos XBox
  SSX 3 XBox
  Star Wars Obi Wan XBox
  Star Wars Clone Wars XBox
  Test Drive Off Road Wide Open XBox
  Turok Evolution XBox
  Van Helsing XBox
  Call of Duty 3 XBox
  Close Combat: First to Fight XBox
  Finding Nemo XBox
  Madden NFL 2003 XBox
  Madden NFL 07 XBox
  NBA 2K3 XBox
  NBA Live 02 XBox
  NCAA Football 2006 XBox
  Brothers In Arms XBox
  Delta Force Black Hawk Down XBox
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