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  Naruto Ninja Council GBA
  GC Game Boy Player Nintendo GBA
  Fire Emblem Sacred Stones GBA
  GBA SP / NDS AC Adapter Nintendo GBA
  Mario Kart Super Circuit GBA
  Mario Tennis GBA
  Pokemon LeafGreen GBA
  Sonic Advance 3 GBA
  WarioWare Twisted GBA
  Final Fantasy 5 Advance GBA
  Disneys Extreme Skate Adventure GBA
  Mega Man 2 GBA
  Pokemon Gold GBA
  Classic NES Ice Climber GBA
  Fortress GBA
  Pokemon Emerald GBA
  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red GBA
  Pokemon Sapphire GBA
  Spyro Season of Ice GBA
  Super Mario Advance 4 GBA
  Battle Tanx (GBC) GBA
  Bomberman GB GBA
  Donkey Kong Country (GBC) GBA
  Game and Watch Gallery GBA
  Game and Watch Gallery 3 GBA
  Kid Icarus GBA
  Kirbys Dream Land 2 GBA
  Zelda Links Awakening (GB) GBA
  Revenge of the Gator GBA
  Super Mario Bros Deluxe (GBC) GBA
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